Our Story


We are forever grateful for all the opportunities Herbalife has given to our family and the best part is now we get to help others achieve their health goals!

After having our first child, Zac, I was looking for a way to lose the baby weight, gain energy, and earn money all while staying at home. Herbalife was the perfect career choice for me! After eight months of working the business, Jim joined me full-time. Together, we have been a part of the Herbalife family for over 30 years now; our parents were Herbalife distributors, our son is a President’s Team member within the company and we have sisters, brothers and nephews all doing the business. Let our passion for Herbalife, interest in Health and Nutrition help you along your Nutrition Journey; whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle, increase your energy levels or fuel your body with healthy supplements, we’re here to help.Hours

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